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solid squareTOP NEWS WEEKLY for 2007-2008
Only the Most Important News on Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Toxic Chemicals


Many exciting developments are happening in chemistry. Some are theoretical and aid our understanding of the universe, while others have application potential and will soon be incorporated into cool gadgets, and yet others are immediately relevant to our health and environment and are affecting us now. Click on the links below to learn more about the topics personally handpicked by profTK.


December 15, 2008
Announcement of Energy and Environment Team by President-Elect Obama ( More info
November 30, 2008
Transition to Green Report - 28 green groups compile 359 pages of suggestions, hoping for a green revival post-Bush (Save our Environment) More info
December 2, 2008
California launches nation’s first green chemistry program (ES&T). More info
November 19, 2008
F.D.A. opens Beijing inspection office (Herald Tribune). More info
November 17, 2008
When the EU embraced sustainability, the Bush admnistration warned of economic ruin (Mother Jones). More info
November 9, 2008
Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions (Washington Post). More info
October 17, 2008
Canada to draft regulations to prohibit the importation, sale, and advertising of baby bottles containing bisphenol A, with the bans taking effect in 2009 (Canada Gazette). More info
October 14, 2008
President Bush signed into law the "Mercury Export Ban Act of 2008," an Act to prohibit the sale, distribution, transfer, and export of elemental mercury, and for other purposes. (US Congress). More info
October 12, 2008
McCain, Obama, and the environment (CNN). More info
October 8, 2008
2008 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics (Nobel Prize Org).
September 30, 2008
Presidential candidates answer science policy questions (C&EN). More info
September 19, 2008
Hadron Collider forced to halt (BBC). More info
September 15, 2008
Is It the Dawn of the Reregulation Era (Business Week). More info
September 15, 2008
Products derived from natural, nontoxic ingredients, once seen as fringe, are now mainstream (LA Times). More info
September 10, 2008
Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy (Report by Political Economy Research Institute). More info
September 1, 2008
The Plenty 20: list honoring individuals, companies, and innovative ideas that are bettering the world. (Plenty). More info
August 22, 2008
Academies Panel Finds Public Participation Improves Quality of Environmental Decisions (National Academies). More info
August 21, 2008
F.D.A. Allows Irradiation of Some Produce (NY Times). More info
August 16, 2008
Controversial chemical bisphenol A is safe, FDA says (FDA). More info
August 14, 2008
President Signs the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, H.R.4040, into Law (White House). More info
August 5, 2008
EPA Releases Risk-Based Evaluations of 26 Chemicals (EPA). More info
July 17, 2008
Sustainability Reporting by S&P 100 Companies Made major Advances From 2005-2007 (Siran). More info
July 17, 2008
Generational Challenge to Repower America (Al Gore). More info
July 14, 2008
McCain and Obama Take on Environmental Concerns (US News & World Report). More info
July 11, 2008
EPA Won't Act on Emissions This Year; Releases Greenhouse Gas Document for Public Comment (Washington Post). More info
July 11, 2008
An American life is worth $1 million less than it was 5 years ago, EPA says (Newsweek). More info
July 3, 2008
Green Countries: Global Report Card on Nations Doing the Most, and Least, to Clean Up the Environment (Newsweek). More info
June 30, 2008
Chemists seek environmentally friendlier compounds and formulations for fireworks and flares (C&EN). More info
June 30, 2008
I Have Just One Word for You: Bioplastics (Business Week). More info
June 28, 2008
Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects (NY Times). More info
June 26, 2008
EPA proposes to classify key solvent in dry cleaning as likely human carcinogen (EPA). More info
June 19, 2008
White House Directs Federal Agencies to Establish Environment Indicators (White House). More info
June 17, 2008
Latest Honda Runs on Hydrogen, Not Petroleum (NY Times). More info
June 16, 2008
Scientists Help To Explain Diversity of Molecular Structures (CAS). More info
June 16, 2008
Contained Chemistry (C&EN). More info
June 12, 2008
European Chemical Law Has Global Impact (Washington Post). More info
June 3, 2008
In shift, FDA says mercury fillings may harm some (FDA). More info
June 3, 2008
Experts Revive Debate Over Cellphones and Cancer (New York Times). More info
May 31, 2008
Administration Moves to Avert a Late Rules Rush (New York Times). More info
May 28, 2008
New tests find BPA in kids' canned food containers (CTV). More info
May 26, 2008
European Chemicals Agency issues an updated guidance to help firms understand their obligations for registration under the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (ECA). More info
May 23, 2008
Chemical Hearing Pits Senators Against FDA (Pump Handle). More info
May 12, 2008
Seeking Sustainability (C&EN). More info
May 8, 2008
If energy conservation both saves money and is good for the planet, why don't people do more of it (Economist). More info
May 5, 2008
Forever Waste: Radioactive waste raises ethical questions of intergenerational responsiblities (C&EN). More info
May 1, 2008
"State of the Air" reports says that nearly 125 million Americans live in an area with unhealthy levels of air pollution (American Lung Association). More info
April 29, 2008
Low Productivity and New Interagency Review Process Limit the Usefulness and Credibility of EPA's Integrated Risk Information System (GAO Report on Chemical Assessment). More info
April 29, 2008
Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Production in America (Report of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production). More info
April 25, 2008
How Much Do Chemicals Affect Our Health (Discover). More info
April 18, 2008
Briefing: Nuclear power (CNN). More info
April 17, 2008
OECD Summarizes Global Regulatory, Other Developments on Nanomaterials (OECD). More info
April 17, 2008
Toxic Stock Syndrome: How Corporate Financial Reports Fail to Apprise Investors of the Risks of Product Recalls and Toxic Liabilities (IEHN). More info
April 16, 2008
President Bush Sets 2025 Goal for Stopping Growth of Greenhouse Gas Emission (NPR). More info
April 15, 2008
Federal efforts on nanotechnology praised by White House (PCAST). More info
April 14, 2008
National Toxicology Program expresses some concern that exposure to bisphenol A causes neural and behavioral effects in fetuses, infants, and children at current human exposures (NTP). More info
April 9, 2008
Do-it-yourself power; squeezing a few watts out of everyday life (ES&T). More info
April 9, 2008
A new focus on plastic ingredient, BPA, in bottles and cans (Consumer Reports). More info
April 8, 2008
'Revolutionary' Carbon Dioxide Maps Zoom In On Greenhouse Gas Sources (ScienceDaily). More info
April 3, 2008
The Great Forgotten Clean-Energy Source: Geothermal (Discover). More info
April 2, 2008
Industry provides ingredient information to Canadians (Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association). More info
April 1, 2008
Governor Gregoire signs legislation improving toy safety (Washington State Office of the Governor). More info
March 31, 2008
New EPA requirements to protect children from lead-based paint hazards (US EPA). More info
March 29, 2008
The symposium on Breaking the Logjam: An Environmental Law for the 21st Century (NYU). More info
March 28, 2008
EPA Policy Committee releases report: "Everyone's Business: Working Towards Sustainability Through Environmental Stewardship and Collaboration" (EPA). More info
March 26, 2008
Business schools teach environmental studies (US News World Report). More info
March 26, 2008
A Turn to Alternative Chemicals (NY Times). More info
March 25, 2008
China's Three Gorges Dam: An Environmental Catastrophe (Scientific American). More info
March 25, 2008
States alter rules of game on safety for toy makers (Wall Street Journal). More info
March 18, 2008
EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson unveils Chemicals Assessment and Management Program, or ChAMP, during his keynote address at the 2008 Global Chemical Regulation Conference (EPA). More info
March 14, 2008
EPA issues tougher pollution rules for diesel-powered ships and locomotives (Washington Post). More info
March 13, 2008
Green Building in North America: Opportunities and Challenges (Commission for Environmental Cooperation). More info
March 13, 2008
Boeing's new laser cannon can melt a hole in a tank from five miles away and 10,000 feet up (Popular Science). More info
March 12, 2008
EPA strengthened national standards for ground-level ozone levels (EPA). More info
March 12, 2008
CDC releases draft linking pollution to health problems (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry). More info
March 11, 2008
Are dangerous toxins lurking in your everyday products (Chicago Tribune). More info
March 10, 2008
Prescription drugs found in drinking water across U.S. (USA Today). More info
March 7, 2008
U.S. EPA releases report: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2006 (U.S. EPA). More info
March 7, 2008
Senate votes for safer products; biggest change is likely to be a better-staffed Consumer Product Safety Commission with more enforcement power (Washington Post). More info
March 3, 2008
First step to CO2 sequestration to be tested at Wisconsin coal-fired power plant (C&EN). More info
March 3, 2008
Green - Up to a Point (BusinessWeek). More info
March 2, 2008
Increasing dependence on the grain leaves the U.S. vulnerable to drought-induced price spikes in food and fuel (Los Angeles Times). More info
March 1, 2008
Non-Toxic Tots (Washington Post). More info
February 28, 2008
Uncharged organic molecule can bind negatively charged ions (ScienceDaily). More info
February 26, 2008
First 30,000 pages have been unveiled of a vast encyclopedia which aims to catalog every one of our planet's 1.8 million species (Encyclopedia of Life). More info
February 25, 2008
Pharmaceuticals in the environment (C&EN). More info
February 21, 2008
Toxic releases are down 2 percent from the previous year, according to new EPA data from the Toxics Release Inventory (EPA). More info
February 21, 2008
EPA announces that it is proposing to study 93 chemicals and 11 microbes in its draft Contaminant Candidate List for drinking water regulation (EPA). More info
February 20, 2008
LDDI Report: Scientific Consensus Statement on Environmental Factors (Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative). More info
February 20, 2008
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production says that that "current regulatory and agency structures for protecting the public from chemical hazards in consumer products are inadequate and in need of reform" (Lowell Center). 1st Report 2nd Report
February 20, 2008
Scientists create a black that erases virtually all Llight (Washington Post). More info
February 19, 2008
Food containers leach bisphenol A, potentially harmful chemical (Scientific American). More info
February 14, 2008
NIH and EPA collaborate on chemical testing program that is anticipated to generate data more relevant to humans, expand the number of chemicals that are tested, and reduce the time, money and number of animals involved in testing (NIEHS, EPA). More info
February 13, 2008
Fabrics that could produce electricity when worn (CBS News). More info
February 8, 2008
EPA is raising the 2008 renewable fuels standard to 7.76 percent (US EPA). More info
February 4, 2008
Many common household products contain compounds that could be affecting our health (Newsweek). More info
February 4, 2008
Congress is investigating the Weinberg Group, a firm which critics charge manufactures uncertainty on behalf of chemical companies to help keep their products free from government bans or other restrictions (ABC News). More info
February 4, 2008
Baby care products are possible sources of infant phthalate exposure (Environmental Health News). More info
February 1, 2008
NICEATM-ICCVAM five-year plan to further reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in research and regulatory testing (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ). More info
January 31, 2008
California's green chemistry initiative: Options Report includes 818 options on ways to reduce the effects of toxic chemicals on people and the environment (California EPA). More info
January 31, 2008
Hydrogen-bonded crystalline assembly undergoes new motion: tilting (C&EN). More info
January 30, 2008
California legislation calls for disclosure by companies of the contents in the consumer products (Legislative Counsel of California). More info
January 28, 2008
Helium-8 study gives insight into nuclear theory, neutron stars (PhysOrg). More info
January 28, 2008
Air purifiers draw scrutiny for producing ozone (Wall Street Journal). More info
January 28, 2008
EPA releases final Federal Register notice describing Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (US EPA). More info
January 23, 2008
Judging science: raising the bar on introducing scientific data into lawsuit hearings (Science News). More info
January 23, 2008
Join the world’s leading environmental scientists and policy makers at the 7th annual EPA Science Forum: May 20-22, 2008 (US EPA). More info
January 23, 2008
U.S. Given Poor Marks on the Environment (New York Times). More info
January 21, 2008
Greener Cleaners: meeting the consumer demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products (C&EN). More info
January 17, 2008
Report: Green Chemistry - Cornerstone to a Sustainable California (UC Centers for Occupational and Environmental Health). More info
January 17, 2008
Greening of corporate social responsibility (Eocnomist). More info
January 16, 2008
Scientists take complaints about interference to Hill (Washington Post). More info
January 15, 2008
FDA says clones are safe to eat as food (US FDA). More info
January 14, 2008
Breakthrough Could Mean 40-Hour Laptop Batteries (NewsFactor). More info
January 14, 2008
Unanticipated details about the mechanism of the bimolecular nucleophilic substitution (SN2) reaction are uncovered (C&EN). More info
January 14, 2008
Protons may be neurotransmitters (C&EN). More info
January 10, 2008
New nuclear plants in UK get go-ahead (BBC). More info
January 7, 2008
The centrality of chemistry: our challenges and opportunities (President of American Chemical Society; C&EN). More info
January 7, 2008
New world for biofuels (C&EN). More info
January 7, 2008
50 people who could save the planet (Guardian). More info
January 4, 2008
Scientists use sunlight to make fuel from CO2 (Wired). More info
January 3, 2008
California and 15 other U.S. states announce lawsuit against EPA for failing to act on California’s tailpipe emissions request (CA Office of Governor). More info
January 1, 2008
Recall scares spur Congress to increase the budget and power of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (Chicago Tribune). More info
January 1, 2008
President Bush signs bill strengthening Freedom Of Information Act, giving the public and the media greater access to information about what the government is doing (Associated Press). More info
January 1, 2008
European Food Safety Agency says that cloned animals are safe for consumption (International Herald Tribune). More info
January 1, 2008
January is National Radon Action Month (US EPA). More info
December 27, 2007
Orexin A is a promising candidate to replace sleep (Wired). More info
December 27, 2007
Top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2007 (Wired). More info
December 24, 2007
2007 chemistry highlights (C&EN). More info
December 24, 2007
Chemical industry: 2007 in review (C&EN). More info
December 24, 2007
Ultrafast electron microscope can track three-dimensional structural changes on the atomic timescale (C&EN). More info
December 21, 2007
Congress directs EPA to re-open its libraries (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility). More info
December 21, 2007
Top 25 science stories of 2007 (Scientific American). More info
December 19, 2007
President Bush signs a bill to increase fuel efficiency by 40 percent to an industry average 35 miles per gallon by 2020, and also increases production of ethanol use to 36 billion gallons a year by 2022 (MSNBC). More info
December 19, 2007
US EPA denies California's petition to limit greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles (Washington Post). More info
December 17, 2007
Costs of Biofuels: two opposing views on efficiency of biofuels (C&EN). More info
December 12, 2007
Top 100 science stories of 2007 (Discover). More info
December 12, 2007
Power companies are beginning to file applications to build up to 32 nuclear plants over the next 20 years, the first since the 1979 (USA Today). More info
December 11, 2007
Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech by Al Gore. More info
December 10, 2007
Metabolomics: chemistry of metabolism (ES&T). More info
December 10, 2007
Political interference with climate change science under the Bush Administration (report by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee ). More info
December 10, 2007
EPA announces regulatory priorities (US EPA). More info
December 4, 2007
US EPA released its second set of High Production Volume (HPV) chemical hazard characterizations (US EPA). More info
December 4, 2007
Environmental Working Group sounds alarm on bisphenol-A, or BPA, in lining of baby formula cans and polycarbonate plastic products, including baby bottles (CNN video). More info
December 3, 2007
Chemistry graduates of 2006: Salaries & Jobs (C&EN). More info
December 3, 2007
Congress asks for more analysis of proposal for burning hazardous waste as fuel (C&EN). More info
November 30, 2007
Launch of US EPA - China Environmental Law Initiative (US EPA). More info
November 30, 2007
150 global companies seek mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (Washington Post). More info
November 30, 2007
Final report on reproductive and developmental toxicity of Bisphenol A, a common plastics ingredient (National Toxicology Program). More info
November 30, 2007
U.S., EU and Canada form a working group on environmental performance verification (International Working Group on Environmental Performance Verification). More info
November 27, 2007
US EPA launches GreenChill program to promote the use of advanced supermarket refrigeration technologies, strategies, and practices that reduce emissions of ozone depleting and greenhouse gas refrigerants. (US EPA). More info
November 17, 2007
U.N. panel releases new report urging global cooperation: Summary for Policymakers of the AR4 Synthesis Report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). More info
November 14, 2007
The challenge of regulating nanomaterials (ES&T). More info
November, 2007
Chemicals in the news (Comparative Toxicogenomics Database). More info
November 12, 2007
Is it In Us; biomonitroing study on 35 people, including legislators from seven states (Body Burden Work Group and Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center). More info
May, 2007
EPA and Nanotechnology: Oversight for the 21st Century ( report by Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies). More info
November 11-14, 2007
Energy efficiency global forum and exposition (Washingotn, DC). More info
November 7, 2007
New type of quintuple-bonded dichromium complex has the shortest metal-metal bond yet (C&EN). More info
November 6, 2007
Most people are ready to make personal sacrifices to address climate change (BBC poll of 22,000 people in 21 countries). More info
November 2, 2007
Chemicals of interest list for chemical facility anti-terrorism standards (US Homeland Security).More info
October 29, 2007
Scientific and ethical approaches for observational exposure studies in humans (US EPA). More info
October 29, 2007
Heroes of the Environment (Time Magazine). More info
October 25, 2007
Newly discovered magnesium and aluminum isotopes push the limits of nuclear stability (Michigan State University’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory). More info
October 23, 2007
Planet in Peril; worldwide investigation looks at four key issues: climate change, vanishing habitats, disappearing species and human population growth (CNN). More info
October 22, 2007
Updated "REACH in Brief" released; plain English description of the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) law (European Union). More info
October 21-27, 2007
National Chemistry Week. More info
October 14, 2007
California is the first U.S. state to impose severe limits (concentrations not to exceed 0.1%) on phthalates in kid articles (CA State Assembly). More info
October 11, 2007
Sceince's worst enemy is corporate funding (Discover). More info
October 9, 2007
National Research Council recommends that genomic methods to identify toxic chemicals be developed (National Academies Press). More info
October 9, 2007
Ecoburials (Sacramento Bee). More info
October 9, 2007
Green chemistry programs are emerging on campuses across the country (Washington Post). More info
October 7, 2007
A compound with mercury in the 4 oxidation state is synthesized (C&EN). More info
October 4, 2007
Will biofuels leave us without food (BBC)? More info
October 2, 2007
National Science Board National recommends Plan for Addressing the Critical Needs of the U.S. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education System (National Science Board). More info
September 27, 2007
Office of Inspector General criticizes effectiveness of EPA voluntary programs (OIG, EPA). More info
September 25, 2007
Permits for 2 new nuclear reactors sought; more than 30 additional nuclear power plants are being considered (Nuclear Energy Institute). More info
September 25, 2007
Government Accountability Office (GAO) outlined some of the differences between the approaches for chemical regulation in the United States and European Union (GAO). More info
September 20, 2007
Environmental groups petition U.S. to regulate air fresheners. More info
September 19, 2007
The White House Office of Management and Budget replaces the draft risk-assessment bulletin issued last year with an updated memorandum based on risk analysis principles previously released by OMB in 1995. More info
September 17, 2007
Scientists say a new DNA test may help prove if people have had their health damaged by exposure to chemicals. More info
September 17, 2007
Green festival to be held at Washington, DC on October 6 & 7, 2007. More info
September 17, 2007
Matter-antimatter entity: a molecule of two positronium atoms (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
September 17, 2007
Learning chemistry to become informed consumers (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
September 16, 2007
Some of the nation’s biggest industries are pushing for new federal regulations (New York Times). More info
September 10, 2007
New photo printers coming soon - they require no ink and come in the size of an iPod (Zink Imaging). More info
September 10, 2007
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency releases hazard characterizations for 101 high production volume chemicals. By 2012, about 3000 additional HPV chemicals will be reviewed (U.S. EPA). More info
September 7, 2007
Future reduction of sea ice in the Arctic could result in a loss of 2/3 of the world's polar bear population within 50 years (U.S. Geological Survey). More info
September 5, 2007
China steps up to clean its reputation (New York Times). More info
September 5, 2007
Major popcorn supplier to drop diacetyl (Seattle Post Intelligencer).More info
September 5, 2007
Slowly but surely, scientists are unveiling the complex chemical underpinnings of memory (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
September 1, 2007
The nation's first renewable fuels standard program is set to take effect September 1, 2007 (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). More info
August 27, 2007
Researchers find a new way to split dinitrogen (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
August 27, 2007
Chemistry drives development of new low-cost solar cells (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
August 21, 2007
"Montebello Agreement" made at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America Leaders' Summit: U.S., Canada and Mexico take lead to manage industrial chemicals (US EPA). More info
August 15, 2007
Water-pitcher filters miss lead particles. (Environmental Science & Technology). More info
August 13, 2007
The entire periodic table is at your disposal, so what do you want to make (Chemical & Engineering News)? More info
August 6, 2007
Toxicity testing without animals (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
July 24, 2007
China placed first at the 39th International Chemistry Olympiad; all U.S. members earned a medal (International Chemistry Olympiad). More info
July 23, 2007
Six chemical society presidents pledge support for sustainable development (Chemical & Engineering News). More info
June 12, 2007
National Academies of Science report calls for new direction and approaches in testing chemicals for toxicity in humans (National Academies of Science). More info
June 4, 2007
Ultrafast lasers have enormous promise (Business Week). More info
May 16, 2007
Six industry teams have successfully completed tests of the first solid oxide fuel cell prototypes that can be manufactured at costs approaching those of conventional stationary power-generation technology (U.S. Department of Energy). More info
May 10, 2007
Report on the Environment (US EPA). More info
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